3000 watt photovoltaic system

Simply connect the 8 modules in series and connect them to the inverter. Easy assembly, no special tools required. This system not only saves money, but also protects the environment!

This house photovoltaic system can be easily installed by yourself, for example, on the garden shed, carport, lawn, balcony or on the roof of the house.

Our compact and cost-effective photovoltaic systems, big on performance!

Our photovoltaic systems in the power classes from 750 to 5,000 watts are available from as little as €850! These house solar systems can be easily installed by yourself, for example, on the garden shed, carport, lawn, balcony or even on the roof of the house.

Allow yourself a little bit of independence now and do something for our environment at the same time!

All packages contain coordinated components that ensure smooth operation. With our photovoltaic systems, you can reduce your electricity costs and become more independent.

The solar systems offered here are in stock in our warehouse in Campos.

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1 x Growatt 3.000TL-X inverter
8 x JinkoSolar 375W Full Black modules
2 x 10m solar cable (6mm²) with MC4 connector
1 x Growatt Wi-Fi Shine-X wireless stick
1x connection cable (approx. 5 meters long) with pre-mounted Schuko plug

Module inverter type Growatt 3.000TL-X

The Growatt 3.000TL-X module inverter opens up new possibilities for photovoltaic energy use in small systems.
With the 3,000TL-X version, solar modules can be used particularly cost-effectively.
The module inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar module directly into grid-compliant alternating current. For this purpose, it is connected directly to the domestic power grid, as well as to the solar panel. Integrated ENS: The legally required isolation device (ENS) according to VDE-AR-N 4105 is already integrated in the inverter.

This guarantees that the inverter disconnects itself from the power grid in any case to prevent islanding and feeding back into the power grid.
Thus, unlike other micro inverters, no additional shutdown devices are required. This reduces the material and installation costs of the PV system.
Regardless of roof pitches and orientations, as well as shading, the module inverter converts the power per module into grid-compliant alternating current.

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Size: 472 x 254 x 138 mm

Weight: 6kg

Permissible humidity: 0% to 100% (non-condensing)

Operating temperature range: -25°C to 60°C

Self-consumption (night): < 0.5 W

Protection class: IP65

Topology: Transformerless

Cooling: Intelligent cooling

Manufacturer warranty: 10 years (warranty conditions)

Input DC:

Max. Input power: 2100 W

Max. Input voltage: 500 V

Start input voltage: 50 V

PV voltage range: 50 V – 500 V

Max. Input current: 13 A

MPP inputs: 1

Strings per MPP input: 1

Output AC:

Max. Output power: 1500 W

Max. Output current: 7,1 A

Max. Efficiency: 97,4%

Output frequency / range: 50 Hz, 60 Hz / +- 5 Hz

Power class: 375 Watt monocrystalline

Manufacturer: Jinko Solar

Type: Jinko Tiger N-Type 60TR JKM375N-6TL3-B

Max. Voltage: 1000 V

Rated voltage at STC (Vmpp): 35.02 V

Rated current at STC (Impp): 10.71 A

Open-circuit voltage at STC (Voc): 42.67 V

Short-circuit current at STC (Isc): 11.29 A

Module length: 1692 mm

Module width: 1029 mm

Frame height: 30 mm

Weight: 19 kg

Download technical data sheet

Option 1: Substructure for pantile roof
Option 2: Substructure for flat roof (elevated)
Option 3: Substructure for trapezoidal steel roof
Option 4: Substructure for corrugated sheets


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